Team Building – Communication on quantum level

The “Team Building – Comunication on quantum level” is suitable for large and small businesses. We can be specifically adapted to the management teams of major companies, or for the needs of smaller companies, which may involve all employees.

“Team Building – Communication on quantum level” is dedicated to teams:

  • which are open to outstanding, but the man ‘hidden’ communication skills and knowledge,
  • who are willing to “discover” new creative and communication skills of team members,
  • actively caring for connectivity (well-trained) members of the team and its high operational,
  • actively caring for optimal psycho-physical condition (health) of team members,
  • wishing to develop extraordinary mental abilities – communication with quantum energy (at a distance),

“Team Building – Communication on quantum level” is a creative workshop where the team members:

  • They familiarize themselves with the theoretical background and the basic concepts necessary for understanding the quantum energy Communications,
  • learn the basic techniques of energy by the method BRET – Bioquantum-Resonance-Energy-Transfer (tutorials)
  • quantum-energy-connection with each other and increase the internal coherence of the team (tutorials)

“Team Building – Communication on quantum level” is a unique and innovative offer for teams who wish to explore the untapped potential team members and is open to new mental, mental and sensory capacities. Participants in the workshop will live to know “quantum reality” that opens the wealth of new creative possibilities. “Team Building Energy Communication” rests on techniques of energy transfer (information) on a fellow human being (a colleague, team member, loved one, family member). The transfer takes place at the level of human coherent field. Verbal (linear) communication here replaces the “comprehensive” communication (words used only as an illustration of what is strictly necessary and only to the extent). The participants are not passive observers, but under the supervision of an instructor learn transmit energy (information) on the staff.

“The exceptional mental ability” potentially “sleep” in every person, but buried deep in the subconscious and that most of them are not even aware of. “Team Building – Communication on quantum level” will be among the participants of “waking up” precisely these hidden (natural) abilities that are inherent in every human being, but “forgotten”. With the opening of this “channel” we`ll tear off “the door to a new world, the new” horizons “, the new” dimension ” to the participants.

“Team Building – Communication on quantum level” is based on transfer of energy by the method BRET (Bioquantum-Resonance-Energy-Transfer). The transfer is happening on the quantum level of human coherent field. When energy communicate, be mutually coordinate the information – by harmonizing (synchronization) coherent field team members coordinate the perception of a common vision, common goals and ways to achieve them.

Method BRET supports the management style and attitudes which are based on cooperation, not competition, in the common “victories”, not winners and losers in nurturing quality relationships and raising awareness of network interconnections within the team. Openness, flexibility and adaptability of team members is imperative.

“Team Building – Communication on quantum level” consists of three blocks:

  • a brief theoretical
  • practical workshop
  • teleworking using quantum methods (practical demonstration of the energy of communication at a distance, without direct physical contact – working with each participant individually).

Participants led by an instructor interact in a coherent field team members, thus will enhance the coherent field groups (and deepened a sense of belonging), all of which contribute to the effectiveness of the team. This “communication” between colleagues (among team members) establishes strong personal ties. Harmonization of coherent vibrational fields of the group members with the vibration of the team leader, instituted within the fields of coherent individuals synchronization common goals of the team.

Another bonus: In the event that any member of the team sick or hurt, he may be the other team members exceptionally assist in the rapid rehabilitation and recovery. Namely, the workshop participants learn how to use the method BRET can be coherent field, the client initiates a process of self-regulation in the organism a balance of biochemical processes and physiological functions, leading to homeostasis – natural state and immanent ability of an organism to itself regenerate healthy, whole and revitalizes. This may be demonstrated in the workshop as a “point of interest” is a component of the “capacity” of the energy communication.

Optional: Energy therapists can adjust the operation of the energy (coherent) fields and influence the functioning of the endocrine system – adjust and stabilize the functioning of the endocrine glands. With energy interventions therapists can raise the immune system of the participants at peak levels, thus strengthen the body’s resistance (at a distance, without direct physical contact), 


  • improve the psycho-physical well-being of team members,
  • improve the overall health and fitness team members, (as a “consequence”) – a significant (measurable) reduction in absenteeism and a higher level of labor enthusiasm.

Note: Coherent Field is energy-information matrix, which contains all information necessary for the management of psychological, biological and physiological processes in the body (including the mind). Human coherent field the energy-information network (matrix), which “manages” the complex “whole” of all (physiological, mental and emotional) processes in the organism.

The program implemented by a team (highly specialized bio-photonic mediators). The “Team Building” carry out on the location of the subscriber. Contact

Minimum group to carry out the “Team Building – Communication on quantum level”, 10 participants.

Contact for a creative workshop on cell phone .: +386 41 636 532 or e-mail: or via the contact form.


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