Bioquantum energy therapy is caried out by the method D-BRET (Distance-Bioquantum-Resonance-Energy-Therapy). It has no adverse impact on the organism and as such is suitable also for children and youth selection of future athletes. Bioquantum energy therapy is indispensable in competitive and extreme sports. Effects on the athletes organism are outstanding and manifold. Let’s list the most important:

  • is extremely effective in the rapid rehabilitation of injuries – recovery time is reduced by up to 3-5 times and in many sports injuries eliminates the need for invasive surgery (accelerates the healing of wounds, fractures and other injuries),
  • is very effective in alleviating and eliminating all kinds of pain (without painkillers and harmful side-effects),
  • reduces or completely eliminates the effects of stress and has major impact on the physical and mental stability – reduces the level of stressors hormones (adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol) and increases the level of adaptogenic hormones (prolactin and aldosterone),
  • rises revitalizing ability and accelerates the regeneration of the organism – recommended for quick recovery after hard workouts, trainings and races,
  • increases blood and lymph circulation and accelerates the discharge of lactic acid from muscle sets,
  • acts as a natural stimulant that raises psychomotoric performance (ability) of an athlete,
  • renews energy level of athletes biofield, strengthens the immune system and the body’s resistance to deseases,
  • allowes to reduce or even stop taking pharmaceuticals in many cases, for instance suitable for an athletes who fell ill before the match and want to compete,
  • slows down the aging process and moves up the regenerative capacity of the body, and shifting boundary regenerative abilities of the body up to 5 years.


  • spine pain (in the neck, chest and loin region)
  • back pain
  • hernia disc Sciatica
  • scoliosis, kyphosis
  • osteochondrosis of the spine
  • pain in the joints (knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists, ankles …)
  • muscle aches
  • myofascial syndrome
  • pain in all sports injuries
  • pain as a result of surgery (in the proces of the rehabilitation)


  • strain (torn) ligaments or micro-tears (pain/swelling rapidly disappears)
  • soft tissue injuries (wounds heal 3-5 times faster)
  • traumatic injuries, broken bones (an overgrowth process is up to 3-5 times faster)
  • contractures in the joints reimburse the normal range of motion at least 3-5 times faster.

For achieving top results athletes search for the limits of their abilities and with hard workouts push them higher and higher. Overburdening leads to burnout and fatigue, which is often no longer possible to regenerate within a time window to the next workout or game. On the matches they are exposed to additional physical and psychological stress. All these piles up stress hormones what cause the deformation of athletes energy (coherent) field and destabilizes the energy substance of the organism. Into the bloodstream are secreted stress hormones adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol which accelerates the aging of the organism and shortens the active life of an athlete.

Most athletes (spotsmen) and coaches are focused on the physical body, not realizing that the human energy matrix (coherent energy field) is immanent and constitutive part of the organism, which significantly affects its performance. For instance after the 28th year of age all deformations in the athletes energy matrix (caused by physical and mental stress) recover significantly slower – regeneration is slower and poorer. Without “energy” support many athletes are forced to cancel sports career earlier.

In the management of clubs in minds of athletes and in minds of trainers (and of course in minds of professional support staff) there must mature an awareness that care for the athlete’s “invisible” energy body is necessary for achieving top results – energy field of the athlete has unprecedented impact on the psycho-physical abilities.

Energy healing AT A DISTANCE by method D-BRET (Distance-Bioquantum-Resonance-Energy-Therapy):

Bioquantum-Energy-Therapy is conducted at a distance (remotely), with no direct physical contact to the clients. Great benefit (advantage) is to performing energy therapy when the athlete rests (eg. in the break between matches… lying in a hotel room). Any further word on this topic is redundant, because we do not believe to words but to our own real experience. We invite you to get it.

Bioquantum-Energy-Therapy is not in colision with alopatic medicine and/or with other forms of support assistance.

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