Life without pain has value of the greatest importance and is one of the fundamental human rights!

Bio-quantum energy therapy is powerful and capable to alleviate and/or eliminate DIFFERENT TYPES OF PAIN. Therapy is performed by method D-BRET (Distance-Bioquantum-Resonance-Energy-Therapy).


There are many types of pain, which differ in origin and in intensity. By Bio-quantum energy therapy the therapist can alleviate and/or eliminate all types of pain, regardless of the source, the location or “difficulty level”. The only difference is that some of the pain can be alleviate and/or eliminated immediately, in some cases it takes time and therapeutic persistence.

How works energy therapy? The proper energy potential is present in all parts of the body, but excess of energy potential causes pain. By using special quantum-holistic techniques the therapist “purifie” the targeted part of the body. The client usually feels considerable relief. 

For more stubborn types of pain intensity of relief is slower. In such cases there is required therapy repetition to achieve so desired result – ALLEVIATION or/and ELIMINATION OF PAIN.

By Bio-quantum energy therapy your pain can be alleviated and/or eliminated AT A DISTANCE, without direct physical contact by method D-BRET (Distance-Bioquantum-Resonance-Energy-Therapy).

HOW TO BOOK your energy therapy?

Contact us on cell phone No. +386 41 636 532 or at the e-mail: info@bioquantum.org and briefly explain your pain probleme. At some kind of pain slightly detailed explanation is needed:

  • where and how hurt you (the exact location of pain), the length of time pain already takes, what intensity is, how it manifests, whether acute or chronic, what is the reason for pain (injury, worn out cartilage, surgical procedure, chronic disease. ..), taking medication, how old you are, etc ..

Odpravite-bolecine-na-naraven-nacin-z-metodo-Bioquantum-MedicalEnergy therapy to relieve and eliminate pain is caried out for four consecutive days, every day at the same time, 15-30 minutes per day. If necessary (if the pain is persistent and severe), it can be performed several times a day. The client placed himself in comfortable position (sitting or lying). It is important to be completely psycho-physically relaxed, arms and legs not to be crossed and the place must be calm (no diruptive events) during therapy.

After 30 minutes (the therapy is already completed) the client redials the therapist and informs him about improvement in eliminating pain.

How to book your therapy? Call on cell phone No. +386 41 636 532 or contact us at the e-mail: info@bioquantum.org or complete the contact form below:

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