Bio-Quantum-Energy-Therapy is an alternative and natural method to help to alleviate and/or eliminate all kinds of health problems (illness, injury, pain, distress). Therapy is performed by the method D-BRET (Distance-Bioquantum-Resonance-Energy-Therapy) to renew and stabilize the human biofield (energy-information matrix of human organism). Energetic intervention causes very strong therapeutic effects in the organism – relieves stress, triggers homeostatic processes of self-regulation and leads to the improvement of health and/or full recovery.

Energy process (therapy) has to be repeated for four consecutive days and slowly but steadily eliminates deformation of the source frequencies in the energy field (the matrix). With Bioquantum Energy Therapy we targeting to ELIMINATE THE PRIMARY CAUSES OF DISEASES!

The human organism is a complex self-healing system – capable to heal itself! The energy therapists do not heal – the organism itself is the one that cures itself. Therapists are highly specialized biofotonic mediators – they eliminate energy imbalances in the human coherent field and activate self-healing homeostatic processes in the organism. The body has a unique internal mechanism, a natural internal intelligence that constantly works and regulates the biochemical processes and physiological functions (breathing, metabolism, hormonal balance, drainage of toxins…) and therefore keeps the balance – homeostasis.

The body is exclusively self-treatable! From birth to death within an organism operates self-regulating system that continuously maintains homeostasis – natural state and immanent organism’s ability for self-regeneration, self-healing and self-revitalization!

Sometimes, however, the body is no longer able to independently and automatically maintain homeostasis. At that time, it is necessary to assist with intervention: with bio-quantum energy therapy. The reason for disturbed homeostasis is STRESS (all forms of psycho-physical stress). Stress and destruction of the natural balance of the organism are created by: biological factors (hunger, thirst, sickness, injury), physical factors (chemically processed food products, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics etc. contaminated food and drinking water, poisoned air, miscellaneous electromagnetic radiation and electronic smog, drugs with their unwanted side effects, invasive medical procedures, extreme heat or cold, natural disasters), psychological factors (fear, failure, frustration …) and social factors (conflicts in family, conflicts in relationships, harassment in the workplace, unemployment, etc.).

To re-establish homeostasis, the bio-quantum energy therapy is by far the best possible assistance (help) that man at all can provide to another human being!

Energy therapist performs a quantum biofotonic engineering by directing photon induced plasma into the client`s energy field (the information matrix). This biofotonic plasma are “informed” high frequency waves that operate in the microwave spectrum, in which the active living cells operates. Bio-Quantum-Energy-Therapy is the quantum-holistic process that allows us to restore THE ENERGY FIELD (THE MATRIX) of living organisms, resulting in self-regulation and normalization of biochemical processes and physiological functions. Result of “biofotonic ingeneering” is health improvement and/or complete recovery.

Bio-quantum energy intervention trigers excitation in the client`s energy field and causes the effect of so-called bio-resonance. Energy field (the matrix) of the client comes into alignment with the source vibration. Establishing energy balance and field stability triggers processes of self-regulation and leads to homeostasis – natural state and immanent organism’s ability for self-regeneration, self-cure, self-healing and self-revitalization.

Therapy is caried out by the method D-BRET (Distance-Bioquantum-Resonance-Energy-Therapy). The key to understanding how bio-quantum energy therapy works are some of the main findings: 1) Humans energy field is energy-information matrix of the human organism and represents its immanent and constitutive part!!! 2) Human physical body responds (bio-chemically and physiologically) on every energy change and is in permanent relation to the “state” of human coherent energy field (to the “information” in the matrix). 3) Destabilization on energy level manifests as a symptom (disease) on the physical level of the organism.

Human coherent energy field (aura) is the most complex organized quantum-holistic system (matrix), which stores and maintains information on every cell, on all routes between them and continuously and automatically monitors, informs and manages all the functions and processes in the body and allows it to multi-differential balance. From the strength and stability of the human energy field depends health of the body. Deformed and destabilized coherent energy field contains false (distorted) information. Disfigured energy matrix manifests in the body as malaise or disease. Bio-quantum energy therapy restores (corrects)  human coherent energy field and harmonizes it with the source vibration. 

Coherent field (energy-information matrix) is the quantum level of a living organism.

More recently, the “quantum leap” in the exploration and understanding of the functioning of the human organism has done by Dr. Bruce Lipton, a world renowned molecular biologist. By solid scientific evidences he refuted assumptions of  the genetic determinism. It is scientifically proven, what “really” managed cells (how cells “actually” operate and communicate). Link to his lecture: Dr. Bruce Lipton, New biology – Where Mind and Matter Meet,

Operation AT A DISTANCE: Quantum physics is founded a new paradigm of reality, describing dynamic processes and interactions between energy fields and interpreted the quantum-holographic action at a distance. The transfer of energy in the (endless) distant point allows Quantum entanglement, which is intrinsically immanent to the Nature. In quantum physics the phenomenon is called quantum teleportation. Bio-Quantum-Energy-Therapy uses procedure (protocols) of quantum teleportation – a transfer of encoded information on the client coherent energy field, which causes a strong therapeutic effects in its organism.

Bio-Quantum-Energy-Therapy practice confirms the quantum teleportation empirically – energy therapists induce and direct the photonic plasma AT A DISTANCE. This quantum-holistic process triggers so-called biological resonance in the body. Persistent repeating (for four consecutive days) initiates a process of self-regulation, normalization of biochemical and physiological processes, releives stress and establishes homeostasis in the organism.

APPENDIX TO THE EXPLANATION of Bioquantum energy therapy by the method D-BRET (Distance-Bioquantum-Resonance-Energy-Therapy):

Energy is the primary cause of all creation – this applies to the formation of galaxies, as well as the causes of diseases !!!

When we talk about the transfer of energy from human to human, we have in mind a very definite and specific energy … energy as omnipresent energy matrix – in quantum physics it is called zero point energy. This is the place of primordial vibration. This is the vibration energy source (so-called “active” energy) and represents the lowest possible energy in quantum-mechanical system. In 1913 the concept was proposed by Albert Einstein and Otto Stern and represents a bridge to understanding whence energy therapists induce biofotonic plasma. Energy therapists arbitrarily say that this energy is informed (inteligent). It is Energy-Consciousness. It is Nature itself.

Max Planck (the father of Quantum theory) in 1944 on the international lecture in Florence said: “All my life I have dedicated to most realistic science, the study of matter. As a result of examination of atoms I recognized the following: Matter as such does not exist. All matter originates and exists only because the forces that keep particles of an atom to vibration and holds together the most insignificant atom of the solar system … we need to presuppose for this force there is a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix and the primary cause for all matter. ”

Today we know that the subatomic quantum world is the foundation of our physical reality and existence. It is necesary to mention some scientists who have made important contributions to the knowledge and understanding of quantum phenomena we encounter in energy therapy work.

Dr. Leonard Ravitz  experimentaly proved (in 1959) that the structure of the human organism is not only molecular but consisting of dynamic energy fields. The essential point is that this dynamic energy fields directly associate with psychological, mental and emotional processes: (!!!) changes in the energy field have a direct impact on the mental and physical state of the organism!

Dr. Ilya Romanovič Prigožin, the Belgian-American scientist of Russian origin, of worldwide renown, Nobel laureate, highly prized in the scientific community (for many years and until his death he was President of the International Academy of Science, Munich) – among other things investigated the dynamic energy fields of the human organism and came to the “revolutionary” insights: 1) the existence of a universal law of self-organization of the human organism, and 2) that this self-organization depends on communication with the external environment (energy comunication).

The human organism is described as a dissipative structure – nonlinear and open system, exchanging energy and information with the surroundings and is able to spontaneously organize themselves and regenerate. For the theory of dissipative structures Dr. Ilja Romanovič Prigožin won the Nobel Prize (in 1977).

This dynamic energy field is the human coherent fields (quantum-holistic matrix), which is immanent and constitutive part of the human organism !!! Among the first who research this energy matrix by scientific methods was the school of Russian academic Djevjatkov. Insights: 1) that the diseased organism is extremely sensitive to external emission (radiation) of high-frequency electromagnetic waves and vice versa, healthy organism in the same operation does not react with no change and 2) the interaction between the sick (ill) organism and this highly vibrant electromagnetic waves triggers the effect of so-called biological resonance.

EFFECT OF THE BIOLOGICAL RESONANCE and its universal practical use have great value to alleviate and/or eliminate all kinds of health problems (diseases, injuries, pain and distress). It is one of the key foundations on which rests the Bio-quantum energy therapy by method D-BRET (Distance-Bioquantum-Resonance-Energy-Therapy).

Energy therapists themselves find in everyday practice, that:

1) In the case of a man who has a stable coherent field, despite of an energetic interaction there is no effect of biological resonance – a healthy man vibration does not react to the energy quantum-holistic intervention and 2) in humans, which has destabilized energy field, energy intervention by method D-BRET triggers the effect of biological resonance. Any deviation from optimal energy state in human energy field (the matrix) “makes” a men very sensitive for energy therapy intervention.

Let us continue: Victor Frederick Weisskopf, Austrian quantum physicist at the beginning of the seventies (1972) systemized three levels of quantum organization of matter: 1) a molecular level, 2) the atomic level, and 3) the nuclear level.

Dr. Sergei Sitko, Ukrainian quantum physics, the 1982 systematization add a fourth level, that is:

4) Coherent (energy) FIELD of living organisms.

“Discovery” of the fourth level of quantum organization of matter (coherent fields of living organisms) confirms that every living organism in addition to visual anatomical and morphological structures (the physical body) has had its invisible coherent field. According to the presence or absence of a coherent field differs from inanimate matter alive. The human organism is a complete quantum-mechanical system which “automatically” ensures the balance between the energy-information matrix of coherent field and its realization in the physical body. !!! Until the official medical science in its doctrine will not include this essential element of living organisms (coherent field) into the medical doctrine until for them the truly functioning of the human organism will be unfathomable “mystery”!

!!! HUMAN COHERENT FIELD is immanent and constitutive part of the human ORGANISM !!!

Every living organism is “composed” of cells, those of molecules, molecules from atoms, atoms from protons, electrons and neutrons, they could have from small “particles” – quarks, leptons, bosons, and others that emit minimal portion of energy – quanta. Quanta on this “invisible” level, create a coherent field of an organism.

Coherent field of the human organism is an energy-information network (the matrix) that operates at very high frequencies, ranging from 52 to 78 GHz (Gigahertz). Experimentally, it is confirmed that the human body “radiates” with its own characteristic frequencies, the level of emitting is in the range of 1 x 10 -21 to 1 x 10 -22 W/Hz cm2 (intensity of radiation at different people can be very different) .

Human coherent field (energy-information matrix) has an “inherent” ability to “self-regulation” and “self-repairing” from birth to death (homeostasis). If for any reason organism unable to automatically regulate and regenerate, this is reflected in the physical body as malaise (disease).

Conclusion: Bio-Quantum-Energy-Therapy by the method D-BRET (Distance-Bioquantum-Resonance-Energy-Therapy) is theoretically based on the findings of quantum physics, modern micro-cell biology and biofotonics. Practically energy therapy rests on implementation of procedure (protocols) of quantum teleportation and on emulation of alternative and complementary practices based on traditions of the highly developed cultures of ancient civilizations.

Bio-quantum energy therapy is the human heritage and belongs to all people, irrespective of their nationality, citizenship, color, religion, level of education, cultural milieu, material and financial well-being …

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