Treatment of animals with bioquantum energy works very effectively, sometimes almost dramatically.

Bioquantum energy is the life energy from which everything depends – health, illness, life and death of all living beings, including animals and plants. Bioquantum energy therapy is the method of treatment of animals and is the same to that of humans. It is carried out for four consecutive days, up to 15 minutes per day. Whenever we offer energy aid to the animals, they accept it with gratification. As soon as they feel an improvement they express thanks with the animals own gratitude.

Animals sense the flow of bioquantum energy very well. They know by themselves alone, when to interrupt the energy flow (when it is sufficient for cure) – at that moment they automatically suspend the contact and go away… and for that particular day energy therapy is finished.

Bioquantum energy therapy for animals is very successfully carried out AT A DISTANCE! 

We can help the animals with great success remotely. Trustee (owner) of the animal (sick or injured) calls the therapist (the healer). In short interview you will exchange all information necessary to carry out energy therapy. It is fine to have picture of the animal.

HOW TO BOOK an animal to the energy therapy? 

Simple: Call the cell phone No. +386 41 636 532 and briefly describe (explain) health problem of your pet (animal) to the therapist or write to e-mail adress: or fill in the contact form below.


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