Cooperation with the conventional (allopatic) medicine

Cooperation between Official conventional medicine and Bioquantum energy therapy based on method D-BRET (Distance-Bioquantum-Resonance-Energy-Therapy):

Conventional medicine can provide an excellent synergy effects for the benefit of patients in an open and fruitfull cooperation with the “bioquantum engineering”.

Cooperation should be based on:

  • compliance with the various methodological approaches,
  • advanced diagnostics of contemporary medicine, which is based precisely on the “vibrational” technologies and resonance principles,
  • accounting the latest findings of quantum physics and microcell biology (“secret” of life is happening on the quantum level)
  • identifying coherent (energy) field as immanent and constitutive element (part) of the human organism,
  • understanding how Bioquantum energy (vibrational) therapy works,
  • opening new perspectives of action and cooperation with the contemporary medicine.

Cooperation with conventional medicine is highly desirable. By Bioquantum energy therapy (quantum biofotonic engineering) we operate exclusively within client`s coherent energy field therefore do not interfere standard medical procedures. Bioquantum energy therapy is not in colision with official medical practices.

Implementation (emulation) of Bioquantum energy therapy enables (provides) significant health improvements and/or full recovery, including many diseases which are officially considered “incurable”. The results are empirically verifiable, statistically measurable, traceable and repeatable. The evidence is based on “countless” official medical diagnosis before performing bioquantum energy therapy and new diagnoses after completion of therapy. We run our own documentation archive.

Bioquantum energy therapy is very successfully carried out AT A DISTANCE (remotely), without any physical contact with the clients – using the procedures and processes of quantum teleportation by method D-BRET (See link: Method).

We disclose interest in cooperation with conventional medicine in various areas of treatment. For the benefit of patients, we strive to position Bioquantum energy therapy in wider public sphere of official treatment, of course according to the criteria and standards of the medical profession. Before us is a challenge to establish constructive cooperation. In several attempt we perceive resistance of some official medical circles (some of them arrogantly and without “arguments” declare that energy “treatment” at a distance is not possible). “The resistance” has nothing to do with the welfare of patients.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: “The most tragic is the prejudice which some types of natural exploration burdens with excommunication.”

It is interesting to say that in 1989 in Brussels, on the Chair of Experimental Medicine, the Quantum medicine (resonance therapy) was proclamed as the medicine of the third millennium. By Bioquantum energy therapy (quantum biofotonic engineering) we perform a resonance therapy and as such belong among representatives of this direction. “Virtual clinic” with a team of highly specialized biofotonic mediators (therapists) can provide high standard service available 24/7, literally anywhere on the globe. The service is carried out “at a distance” according to the procedure of quantum teleportation.

The medical profession (as well as all relevant parties, research, media) are invited to subject Bioquantum energy therapy to the professional (and public) verification.

Bioquantum energy therapy is universally applicable. Let us mention just a few areas where we achieve remarkable results:

  • improvement and/or removal of varicose veins (the same applies to external and internal hemorrhoids) – after 2 cycles of therapy has achieved optimal results, so that the surgery in most cases is not needed,
  • unprecedented improvement in heart failure – the method is extremely effective in cardiac patients (children) to “close” an oval window on the heart (four-five cycles of therapy to achieve maximum result),
  • lung patients, which should go on the oxygen – after only one cycle of therapy (for four consecutive days up to 15-30 minutes per day) the lung’s ability increase at least 10%; after two-three cycles for many of clients the additional oxygen is no longer needed,
  • similar results (as lung patients) have renal patients with renal insufficiency,
  • extremely effective in postoperative rehabilitation, especially recommended for the most complicated cases, for example: when wounds do not want to be overgrown or healing is bad, etc., injuries and fractures heal up to 3-5 times faster,
  • rapid  elimination of back pain (usually only one cycle is needed) including sciatica. Note: if the clients have a long-standing chronic problems sometimes several cycles of treatments are needed,
  • elimination of gout (before the treatment the clients were tortured months even years and tried everything possible and impossible). Note: gout require multiple repetition (at least 2-3 cycles of therapy),
  • improvement of scoliosis,
  • gangrene (dry and wet)… many cycles of therapy needed in the period of three month,
  • chronic diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, chronic inflammation, chronic pain, coke arthrosis of the hip, diabetes, etc.)… 

The only thing that man recognize as truth is live experience of his own. We invite you to obtain it.

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